Handicap Rubber Parking Blocks

Reference: 3004-9

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A unique traffic solution specially for handicap parking areas.
Our handicap rubber parking block are highly visible, durable, and designed specifically for handicap parking spots. The blue and black contrasting colors are immediately identifiable to differentiate handicap parking spaces to passing vehicles and pedestrians.
Our very resistant Handicap Rubber Parking Block is great to be placed on any handicap area, just weighing 34 lbs, this parking block is very sturdy, durable and very easily to carry and be installed just by one person. They are made from durable recycled rubber. This handicap parking block will flex slightly to lie flat on uneven or cracked surfaces. they are heavy duty and come with reflective blue stripes to improve night time visibility. It has 4 mounting holes for permanent installation on asphalt or concrete ground and hardware is included.


  • Especial handicap color Black and Blue.
  • Made of 80% virgin rubber and 20% recycled rubber, which makes it more resistant.
  • Heavy duty reflective stripes to improve night time visibility.
  • Impervious to sunlight or road salt.
  • It has 4 mounting holes for permanent installation on asphalt or concrete ground.
  • High quality perfect for any parking areas.


Hardware choices

  • Asphalt screws

    14' Steel Spike


  • Concrete screws

    5' Expansive Screw


* Hardware included

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  • SKU Description Lenght Height Width Weight Quantity
    50 +
    UPB01-3004-9 Handicap Rubber Parking Blocks 6' 4' 5-7/8” 34 $49.98 $48.50


    ** Hardware included, when ordering please specify the installation surface: concrete or asphalt.