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These heavy duty cable covers has large channels for the protection of a large number of wires. The hinged lid allows for top loading of cables for convenience. Made of polyurethane, the cable covers are suitable for use outdoors and indoors in most weather conditions.

The black base and yellow lid is highly visible to highlight the spots where cables are being covered so cars can notice it and slow down the speed.

Use cable covers to protect multiple cables from pedestrian, car and truck traffic in parking lots, television sets, commercial areas and any other place where cable protection is needed.
Cable covers have built in connectors that allow units to be ganged together for modular expansion if needed.

Features pf the ramps:

  • Excellent to be used in areas with high pedestrian traffic, hand trucks and carts.
  • Ideal to hold multiple cables 4″W x 1″H channel.
  • Able to support lightweight vehicle traffic weighing up to 2,000 lbs per axle.
  • Lightweight polyurethane construction weighs just 5.2 lbs.
  • Great visible safety yellow color.
  • Perfect cable protection for warehouses, indoor work sites, garages, offices and more!
  • Prevents accidental tripping over wires in high traffic areas.
  • Cable ramp made with high quality industrial and heavy duty molded polyurethane.


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